In order to improve the efficiency of mathematics and science teaching in primary schools the SINUS programme aims at improving cooperation among teachers as a team they can better plan, implement and assess modifications of teaching methods. The support of the school administration is paramount for the success of this process. The SINUS programme therefore encourages the administration of the participating schools to provide an adequate framework for the SINUS programme at their school and to use SINUS for the development of a school profile as well.

Key objectives

Teachers participating in SINUS for Primary Schools improve their teaching by focusing on selected questions and problems. Their work is based on ten typical problem areas (so-called modules). These modules have been defined in the previous programme SINUS Transfer Primary School and form the basis of the current programme. In the SINUS for Primary Schools programme though they are also grouped according to specific topics and re-considered in the light of current questions and challenges faced by schools today. This process helped identify five key objectives:

  • Analyse data from teaching evaluations and use them for the improvement of teaching
  • Implement educational standards (in mathematics)
  • Make science accessible (in science teaching)
  • Support students with special difficulties or talents
  • Create transitions (from pre-school education to primary schooling as well as cross-age group learning in the first and second grades of primary school and the transition to secondary education)

   Handouts (in German) about the key objectives